10k Training, Week 4, Day 2

I did my week 4, day 2 10k training today, and it was tough.  I completed all of the 2-minute runs this time, but had two pauses that were longer than the prescribed minute in between.

I’m still calling it a win.

We have both a heat warning and an air quality advisory at the moment, and my quads were still hurting from the other day, and quite frankly, I wanted to go back to sleep this morning – not go out and go for a run – but I did it anyway.  So far I’m on track this week.  If I run Saturday morning and swim or cycle on Sunday, I should be good.  In line with my goals, I need one more cross training day, so I’m going to either go for a bike ride or swim tomorrow night as well.

I’ve got this!

I even did a yoga session when I got home to stretch my muscles and loosen my quads.  It’s weird.  Running has always been hard on my shins and calves, but all of a sudden it’s my quads that are feeling it.  I’m making a conscious effort to land on my midsole rather than my heels, so I don’t know if it’s that or if I’m just tackling more hills than I used to. Either way, it’s a good excuse to get the yoga in 🙂


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