WTF Shoes?!

So last year, sometime shortly before the kilt run, I wore through my very first pair of shoes.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have worn out shoes before, but not running shoes. Not from running.  Not from actually putting so many miles on a pair of shoes that the tread was gone and my toes were wearing through the tops.  

I finally caved and had my partner – who was working for a company that owned an athletic shoe company – order me two pairs of new shoes.  I got a good price on them, but they were still expensive, although well worth it.  

On Tuesday this week, I noticed a chunk of foam falling out of my shoe when I took it off after my run.  Yesterday, my heel was raw from the shoe rubbing it where the stuffing was gone.  When I picked the shoes up to examine just how bad they were, I noticed that they too are low on tread.

I have now officially run through two pairs of quality running shoes.

Who even am I?

I have one pair left, but they don’t fit quite right.  I’ve had success stretching shoes in the freezer before, so I froze these last night and am going to try them again.

Wish me luck!  My partner no longer works for the same company and shoes are expensive!


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