Best Laid Plans

Welp.  Camping did not go quite as I had planned.

By the time we got there Thursday night it was nearly 10pm.

On Friday, we did a short hike, then spent some time at the dog beach.

Our dog, Miley, is a coonhound/lab/husky/akbash mix (whose behaviour is almost 100% hound).  She has webbed feet like a lab, but is apparently terrified of water.  We’ve been trying to help her over her fear, and finally managed to get her in the water – all the way to her ankles.

Miley and my partner going for a “swim”

I was a little more enthusiastic about the water, and decided to do my distance swim.  I set out for deeper water, and walked, and walked… at nearly 1/3 of the way across the lake, the water wasn’t yet waist-deep and the weeds were getting bad.  Finally I dropped and swam back towards shore until I physically couldn’t  (as in, “ran aground”).  I did learn that my swimming is desperately rusty, and i have decided to start swimming at the local fitness centre.  My partner and I will be getting YMCA memberships next month so that we can use the pool, track, etc. all year.

On our hike back from the beach, we had an incredible experience that I can only describe as a “gift“. (My basic acount won’t let me post videos, so I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and included a link)

It’s hard to tell from the video, but the fawn’s white spots were so clear they looked as though they were painted on.  I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to adjust the settings on my camera – turned out I had plenty of time.  It was an amazing encounter, and we were so lucky to share in that moment.  After I stopped filming, we thanked the deer and then walked away as gently as possible.   

 We had a campfire Friday night, then first thing Saturday morning I went for my trail run.  The trail had chosen was within the park, but a 25 minute drive from our campsite.  I got to the head of the trail, and read the sign. “Caution: This is a back country trail… NEVER hike alone.”  Ohhh crap.  Back I drove to the main part of the park, found another trail, and set out.  I reached the end of the trail just as my five minute warm up ended.  Okay.  Short trail.  I ran part of the way back, then found another short but busy trail.  So I walked.  My partner and I went for another hike later that day.   Well,  better walking than nothing.  Another beautiful campfire Saturday night and we settled in for the night to read.  

When we woke up Sunday morning, it was raining.  No… maybe that’s not the word for it.  Remember our dog and her feelings towards water? In all fairness, our site was ankle deep.

Big brave hound dog

It was a rough trip home, all of us wet and dirty from packing up in that weather, but we made it!


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