Mea Culpa

Sorry, I know I’ve been MIA for a few days – it’s been a crazy week.  

I’ve still been getting workouts in for the most part.  Monday was a holiday, so my partner and i took the dog for a nice long walk along the waterfront,  then went and heled my parents clear some trees up at their property.  

Tuesday I rode 12.8 miles on my bike, and even checked out a mountain biking trail I found online – I had forgotten how much fun technical mountain biking is! 

I missed Wednesday because of several appointments and a tight work schedule,  so when yesterday rolled around and I wasn’t feeling up to working out (really upset stomach) I did a yoga session instead just to stay active – after all,  I can’t miss 2 in a row!

Today I did 11.8 miles on the bike, 3x plowed some further trails, and even got “lost”(I knew where I was in proximit to the highway and could have followed the same path back, but I didn’t really know where I was in general) – resulting in me having to carry my bike up a steep embankment to get back to civilization – lol.

I’m doing not too badly at getting my cycling miles in, but I need to work on my “Run/Walk to Mordor” challenge – we’ve decided that my reward for that will be a road bike, and I have my eye on one already 🙂  I’m hoping to run tomorrow morning early, then bike to work the long way.  My first 10k of the year – a fundraiser for the local humane society where we got our beautiful dog – is next Saturday! 


10k Training, Week 5, Day 2

I knew I couldn’t do today.  

I knew it.

I was wrong.

My run, according to today’s entry on the training plan, was to do ten repetitions of “run 3 minutes, walk one.”

Yeah.  Right.  I can barely manage 2 minutes running.

I somehow survived the first rep, but thought “there is no way in Hell I can do 9 more of those”.  

But I did.

It hurt.  But I pushed through, and got to see a gorgeous sunrise.

THAT is a look of triumph.

Then, because I am apparently a glutton for punishment, I put in 5.5 miles on my bike.  My legs were blasted, and I barely made it up some of the hills – but again, I did it.

My only real issue is that it feels like running isn’t actually getting any easier.  I push through, and I out-stubborn it, but every breath still hurts, every step is still agony.  I love it, but I hate it.  It’s not that I’m expecting it to be easy, but others run past me and I can’t hear them wheezing.  Their mouths are closed.  They don’t look like it is killing them.  I know I’m carrying a lot of weight, and I have asthma, but at some point it has to get easier, right?

We’re going camping tonight for the weekend, so I’ll be out of range from after work today until Sunday, but I’ll take lots of pictures, and get lots of activity in.  Tomorrow I’m planning a distance swim – not entirely sure how far yet – and Saturday will be a trail run.  Saturday’s schedule calls for a run with 14 intervals of 2 minutes running, one minute walking. I figure if I could handle this morning, I can handle that. I wish I could take my bike, too, but until I get a bike rack for the car, I’m stuck.  There’s no way to pack our little car well enough to handle all of our camping gear, plus 2 people, plus our 80lb dog, plus my bike.  

I will likely be blogging offline for the weekend, and posting when I get home, so I will have lots to say.

10k Training Week 4, Day 3

I didn’t miss a single run this week!

Today was a long, hard 3.65 miles.

I didn’t wanna.  The Blerch had a really good grip (a comic well worth the read, if you’re not already a fan).

I woke up later than planned (almost 9am), having to be at work for 1pm.  

My shoes that I had tried to stretch in the freezer had gotten wet when one of the ice bags broke.  I put them outside yesterday to dry, and it rained last night for the first time in months.  They were soaked.  I couldn’t wear the pair I have been wearing,  because they’re now giving me blisters.  

My legs are still sore from earlier in the week

It’s Saturday,  my partner offered to make a special breakfast, and I wanted nothing more than to curl up with a cup of coffee and delicious food.

I have cramps.

I also have this new strategy: I imagine telling myself or my partner why I didn’t do my run today.  

None of my excuses held up.  

I still had an hour for a run.

My partner went to the store for ingredients and then started cooking breakfast while I was out.  I didn’t have a ton of time, but there was enough to shower, then enjoy my meal and a coffee.

My old old shoes may be worn out, but I can wear them for one run – they don’t actively hurt my feet.

DOMS don’t get better by being left to atrophy.

Exercise helps cramps.


Off I went.  

I ran by the waterfront,  and I have never been so happy to have it rain on a run.  I won’t say it was a great run.  It hurt.  I was tired and struggling and worried about the time crunch when I got home.  But it sure felt great to have done it, especially when I had wanted so badly not to.

Sometimes stubbornness is the only option.  Today that was definitely the case.

Sure is a beautiful view.

10k Training, Week 4, Day 2

I did my week 4, day 2 10k training today, and it was tough.  I completed all of the 2-minute runs this time, but had two pauses that were longer than the prescribed minute in between.

I’m still calling it a win.

We have both a heat warning and an air quality advisory at the moment, and my quads were still hurting from the other day, and quite frankly, I wanted to go back to sleep this morning – not go out and go for a run – but I did it anyway.  So far I’m on track this week.  If I run Saturday morning and swim or cycle on Sunday, I should be good.  In line with my goals, I need one more cross training day, so I’m going to either go for a bike ride or swim tomorrow night as well.

I’ve got this!

I even did a yoga session when I got home to stretch my muscles and loosen my quads.  It’s weird.  Running has always been hard on my shins and calves, but all of a sudden it’s my quads that are feeling it.  I’m making a conscious effort to land on my midsole rather than my heels, so I don’t know if it’s that or if I’m just tackling more hills than I used to. Either way, it’s a good excuse to get the yoga in 🙂

10k Training Week 4, Day 1

Despite having some lasting discomfort from yesterday’s procedure, I went out today for a run for the first time in a week.  I didn’t get to bed early enough last night, and I wound up not getting up in time to run this morning before work, so I went at about 8 tonight, when it was starting to cool off just a little.

I was supposed to start week 4 of my 10k walk/run training plan today, but I only did day 1 of week 3 last week, and I didn’t think I’d be able to move on to week 4.  Looking at my 10k races coming up though – I didn’t have time to re-do any weeks in the plan. I decided that at worst, I wouldn’t be able to do it, and then I should at least be able to get as much as a week 3 workout.

Week 1:
Day 1: 1/1 x 10 (1 minute run, 1 minute walk x 10, for a total of 20 minutes)
Day 2: 1/1 x 10
Day 3: 1/1 x 10
Day 4: 40-45 minutes cross-training

Week 2:
Day 1: 1/1 x 11
Day 2: 1/1 x 12
Day 3: 1/1 x 13
Day 4: 40-45 minutes cross-training

Week 3:
Day 1: 1/1 x 15
Day 2: 1/1 x 15
Day 3: 1/1 x 15
Day 4: 45 min cross-training

Week 4:
Day 1: 2/1 x 10
Day 2: 2/1 x 10
Day 3: 2/1 x 10
Day 4: 45 min cross-training

Week 5:
Day 1: 2/1 x 10
Day 2: 3/1 x 10
Day 3: 2/1 x 14
Day 4: 45 min cross-training
Day 5: 30 min cross-training

Week 6:
Day 1: 3/1 x 10
Day 2: 3/1 x 8
Day 3: 3/1 x 11
Day 4: 45 min cross-training
Day 5: 30 min cross-training

Week 7:
Day 1: 3/1 x 10
Day 2: 3/1 x 8
Day 3: 3/1 x 13
Day 4: 45 min cross-training
Day 5: 30 min cross-training

Week 8:
Day 1: 3/1 x 10
Day 2: 3/1 x 10
Day 3: 3/1 x 15
Day 4: 45 min cross-training
Day 5: 30 min cross-training

Week 9:
Day 1: 3/1 x 10
Day 2: 3/1 x 10
Day 3: 3/1 x 17
Day 4: 45 min cross-training
Day 5: 30 min cross-training

Week 10:
Your 10K is this week! You’re going to take it a little easier this week, so that you’re well-rested for your big race. Good luck! Day 1: 2/1 x 10
Day 2: 30 min cross-training
Day 3: 3/1 x 5



I was almost successful!  I ran intervals 1-8, missed number 9 (it was during a steep uphill, and I wasn’t ready), and missed a few seconds at the beginning of interval 10.  Other than that, I did it!  It was almost dark by the time I got home, but still hot.  It felt really good to get it done though, and the fact that I was able to do week 4 made me really happy.  Chalk one up for sheer stubbornness!

4 miles in this morning.  15 intervals of 1 minute running,  one minute walking, and then another couple of miles walking.   Even before 9am it was hot today, but I made it.  I even skipped to week 3 of my running plan after taking last week off, so that I could still be on time with my 10k training for my race next month.